Shop Essential Oil Supplies

You can get essential oil rollers, glass bottles, carrier oils, etc. at the 3 shops below:

Abundant 4 Health

This is a great site for buying in bulk. Their prices can’t be beat, but go in with a friend and split shipping, it can be steep!


Don’t buy your essential oils on Amazon¬†ever, but it’s great for everything else! Carrier oils, roller bottles, mini metal funnels, organic beeswax, shea butter, etc.

Thrive Market 

Thrive Market is like Costco for whole foodies. We love Thrive. They sell everything from organic foods to beauty products at wholesale prices like 4 oz. NOW Avocado carrier oil for $3.95. Yep. Awesome. It’s a yearly membership like Costco, but you usually make that up within your first order or two in savings alone. You also get 15% off your first Thrive order.