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Oily Renegades

We have an awesome team and that’s no understatement. We care for all of our oily members, we support each other in business, we take care of each other when life hits, we work extremely well together and foster a positive women-for-women work environment, and we even make fermented sauerkraut together?? Yep. We do. We love all things health, right?

Kraut || Oily Renegades

Meet the Oily Renegades Team Leaders.

We have the best ‘job’ in the world and have a blast doing it together as we serve and care for our members.

If you want to be a part of the Oily Renegades members team, you can sign up to get your essential oils Premium Starter Kit with any of us below and you will instantly be a part of our big Oily Renegades members group. You will be well taken care of and we’ll make sure you know how to use your oils and get you plugged in with all of our free classes and resources. Read each bio and pick someone you feel you connect with the most! If you want to be a part of our Oily Renegades business team and want to launch a flexible, work-from-home business, we’ve got you! Pick someone below you’d like to have mentor you and we will help you get your biz set up with everything you need to get up and running! Simply email them at their link below to let them know you’d like to get started building a biz and they can show you the ropes!



Rama Pfeiffer
Young Living Silver || Oily Renegades Team Founder
Hi, I'm Rama (ray-ma). You may know me from my blog and FB page, Freshly Grown. I am a mama to two beautiful kiddos, cancer survivor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Young Living Silver, team leader and passionate about wellness, disease prevention and keeping the gut and immune system healthy and thriving! I was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized, malignant tumor in my chest cavity at 19 and I changed my life after that and have since spent my days helping and supporting folks with their own health, wellness and prevention. Young Living essential oils have become a huge part of our family's daily wellness routine and I love empowering and educating other folks on how to implement this amazing, little wellness bottles into their lives, just like we did! They have supported us like no other (especially with my own post-baby thyroid and adrenal stuff) and I want everyone to experience them. If you'd like to become an Oily Renegade and get your oils and kit as a wholesale member, you can do so through my link below or any of our team members' and we'll get you plugged in and taken care of! We have tons of free classes and resources and give lots of personal support. If you want more than your oils and want to start a flexible, work-from-home business, I can help you get started with that as well. There is NEVER any pressure, EVER to do the biz! That's not how we roll, but the opportunity is there and we have an awesome team with incredible support for those wanting something like this. It brings me to tears frequently to see mamas being able to help their families financially while being able to work around their kid's lives. These oils have changed our family's and our member's health and the business has changed so many families financially. Triple win! If you just want your oils, you can sign up with the link below as a wholesale member and get your Premium Starter (11 oils + diffuser) and if you'd like to know more about the biz, you can email me at Click on the chain link icon to sign up with Rama!
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Barb Engelhart
Young Living Silver
Hi! I'm Barbara Engelhart and I have been with Young Living since August of 2014. I love my essential oils and I love helping people get started with them! I am now a stay-at-home mom of two children and a dog. =) I have worked many jobs over the years but after moving back to Michigan recently, I decided to stay home and work the Young Living business! I'm originally from Michigan, but lived in Indiana for four years prior to moving back! Click the chain link icon to sign up with Barb!
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Heather Young
Young Living Executive
Hi, I'm Heather! I am a wife, mom, nurse, and college educator. I am passionate about holistic health and natural living. It brings me great joy to help others on their journey to health and wellness! Young Living Essential Oils are used everyday in every aspect of my life at work and at home. They have been life changing for my family and I. Click on the chain link icon to sign up with Heather!
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Tarrin Fletcher
Young Living Silver
Hello! My name is Tarrin Fletcher. I am a Silver Leader with Young Living. I have a bachelors degree in Medical Anthropology and was a home birth midwife for 6 years. I blog over at The Paleo Homesteader about clean eating and living. Young Living was the natural next step in clean living for me. Over the years, I had tried several other essential oil brands but they all gave my sensitive skinned daughter a rash. When I finally tried Young Living oils, they rocked my world and never once have bothered anyone's skin! You need these oils and I'm just here to help along your own journey of clean living! My favorite Young Living products are Valor, Ningxia and Multigreens! If you want to get your Premium Starter Kit or join my oily team - create your wholesale account and let's rock this oily journey together! Click on the chain link icon to sign up with Tarrin!
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Genevieve Cruz
Young Living Executive
Hello! My name is Genevieve! I'm a full time mom of 7, and married to my best friend. I enjoy having friends and family over and feeding them whole foods! I became passionate about health and nutrition when our older kids started reacting poorly to our diet, and that ultimately led us to becoming pasture based farmers in 2008. We spent almost 6 years milking cows, raising sheep, guinea hogs, chickens, and veggies! We loved it! Our farm life came to an end after we discovered we were being exposed to toxic mold and we're getting sicker by the day. We moved to the suburbs and began a tedious search for something to support our immune systems, which after many months led us to Young Living oils. As farmers, Young Living's Seed to Seal jumped out at us and made it an easy choice for the quality we were looking for! We bought our oils right away and quickly noticed a difference in our whole family! We have been sharing them with our friends and family ever since and we plan on helping as many people as possible! Click on the chain link icon to sign up with Genevieve!
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